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Partitions & Protection Boards

  • Fiber Cement Boards

        - Fiber cement boards are made of a mixture of portland cement

           and glass fibers for reinforcement


         - Properties:

           • A1 class incombustible building material in accordance

             with EN 13501-1, insoluble, helps extinguish existing fire. 

           • Is not affected from water, water absorption rate is lower compared

              to concrete buildings, reliable in humid climates.

           • Very resistant to atmosphere conditions due to the raw materials in its

              context and also due to being autoclaved, is not effected by UV rays.

           • Has good sound and heat insulation features.

           • Resistant to blows and impacts.


         - Applications:

           • Interior and exterior cladding material in all kinds of buildings

           • Partition wall element in the form of sandwich panel

           • Ceiling material ( 6mm ) 

           • Flooring material in multi-storey prefabricated buildings

           • Backerboard (instead of OSB) under roofing materials

           • Material used under tiles in wet areas

           • Supporting member in elevated floor systems

           • Decorative covering member on interiors

           • Cladding material for eaves soffit and fascia

           • Concrete molding material

           • Backerboard material in advertisement billboards

           • Decorative construction element in all kinds of display window designs

           • Door and window frames on the exteriors

           • Composite members with various cladding materials

           • A sandwich panel with various insulation materials (EPS, rockwool etc.)

           • Storey molding in multi-storey buildings

           • Ornamental accessories on exterior, facades

           • Wall member on prefabricated pools,As (PET foil covered) wall member in wet areas              

           • Flooring material on insulating board systems,As covering material on curtain walls.


         - Dimensions & Thickness:

            Thickness: 6 - 20mm

            Standard Dimensions: 1250 x 2500mm, 1250 x 3000mm






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