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Composite Materials


  • SMC (FRP/GRP) manhole covers:


        - Covers are available in different shapes and loading depending on client's request and                                          application

         - Shapes: Circular, rectangular & square shaped with different dimensions

         - Colors: All colors are available

         - Logo application available according to client request 

         - Loading: Varies from 1.5 tons to 40 tons according to the application required. All products                                  comply to the international standard EN124 as follows: 









                A15: Areas for pedestrians and pedal cyclists only (1.5 tons)

                B125: Footways, pedestrian areas and car parking decks (12.5 tons)

                C250: For gullytops installed in the area of curbside channels of roads (25 tons)

                D400: Carriageways of roads, hard shoulders and parking areas, for all types of road                                                       vehicles (40 tons)  


  • Smc rain gratings 

  • Smc valve boxes

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