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Partitions & Protection Boards


  • Polyproplene sheets (Cartonal) 

         - Polyproplene sheets serve as a protective layer for your insulation material whether it is                                     pvc membranes or bitumine sheets

          - Different thicknesses are available

             starting from 1.8mm up to 11mm






  • MGO Cement Boards

         - Mgo cement boards are  made of magnesium oxide,

             magnesium chloride and reinforced with glass fabric. The boards are

             structurally 100% ecologic and natural.


          - Main properties

         • A1 Class Fire proof, 

           • Water resistant and dump free,

           • High Heat and Sound Insulation,

           • High impact properties


          - Applications:

           • Interior and exterior coating in buildings

           • Exterior sheathing & façades and claddings

           • Partition wall systems

           • For suspended ceiling and raised floor systems

           • Sound insulation

           • Light Steel and prefabricated buildings

           • In fire insulation of load bearing systems in heavy steel structures

           • Insulation of cold storage rooms

           • Manufacture of furniture (fireproof door, bench, wardrobe, etc.)

           • Underfloor support material on the ground concrete

           • Backing board for tiled surfaces.

           • Places being exposed to water and damp

           • Production of Fire Door and Fireproof Shaft cover.


          - Dimensions & Thickness:

            Thickness : 4-25mm

             Standard Dimension: 1220 x 2440mm

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